Robert Fuller’s Death Ruled A Suicide

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The investigation into the death of Robert Fuller who was found hanging in Palmdale, California is presumably over. As previously reported the 24-year-old man’s body was found hanging Wednesday, June 10,  just steps away from Palmdale’s City Hall. Fuller was pronounced dead by personnel from a nearby fire station and there were no outdoor cameras, and video recorders on a nearby traffic signal could not have captured what happened.

And although there’s been an outcry on social media and foul play was suspected, the LA County Medical Examiner and the Sheriff’s Office are confident that Fuller committed suicide.

 “The rope and fabric was tied directly to the tree branches, in more than one spot, accessible from only up in the tree. Indicating that the victim was not hoisted into that position,” Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Commander Chris Marks said during a press conference on Thursday reports BuzzFeed News.

Sheriff Marks added that there were “no signs of a struggle or the presence of any defensive marks” and Fuller’s EBT card was used at a local Dollar Tree on May 14 to purchase rope similar to the one used in his hanging.

“There were no signs of a struggle, no defensive wounds observed, and no other signs of trauma visible to Mr. Fuller,” Sheriff’s Commander Chris Marks said. “Mr. Fuller’s hands were not bound and there were no signs that he attempted to remove the ligature from his neck.”

“Investigators observed several prominent linear scars on Mr. Fuller’s left wrist consistent with suicidal intent,” he added.

With that, the Sheriff’s Office says their investigation is complete.

Jamon R. Hicks, the Fuller family attorney, said that the family does not dispute the outcome of the sheriff’s investigation into his death.

CNN adds that Fuller had a documented history of mental illness and self-harm, including attempted suicide. He’d allegedly been hospitalized in recent years for suicidal thoughts and depression.

Fuller is one of several black men found hanging in trees that allegedly committed suicide. The latest was Amani Kildea,20, who died by hanging in Morristown, New Jersey on June 28. Before that, there was Dominique Alexander, who died by hanging June 9 in NYC and Malcolm Harsch, 38, was found hanging from a tree near a homeless encampment in Victorville, California.

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