How to earn big on MWG

Welcome to mobilewealthglobal, do you want to earn thousands with mobilewealthglobal this month? Read below tips to know how you can earn huge cash with mobilewealthglobal.


You can increase your earnings by reading our blog posts, how do I earn for reading news? You earn for reading news immediately when you click on our post or product on the website and you can click as many posts / products as you can, the more you read, the more you earn. You can do this simply by clicking on menu bar, select news option and start reading, check screenshot of news field below!

2. Commenting on posts

You can still increase your earnings by commenting on our posts, the more post you commented on, the more you earn, below is the screenshot of comment box!

3. Replying comments

Another beautiful method is that you earn even if you reply your fellow members comment on a post, reply as much as you can,it can boost your earnings too.

4. Pay per click

You still earn whenever someone click on your referral link even if he or she did not sign up,

5. Referral program

The greatest way to boost your earnings is by referring your family and friends to join you and earn on mobilewealthglobal income website.
You can do this simply by copying out your referral link and start sharing it on Facebook groups and other social medias.

Below are little write-ups you can post on social media groups to get referrals!

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So you’ll earn whenever someone create mobilewealthglobal business account with your with your referral link.


Login to your mobilewealthglobal business account and click on marketing, then select affiliate link and you’ll see your referral link, then copy it out and save it somewhere so that you will be using it whenever someone want to register under you. Below is screenshot!
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