Frequently asked questions (faq)


What do I need to become a member of mobilewealthglobal?

  • Smart phone or laptop
  • Valid email address
  • Working bank account, PayPal or stripe account (where to receive payment)

Can I create multiple mobilewealthglobal business accounts for myself?

No, we don’t allow multiple accounts, invite your family and friends to join and benefit from us instead of creating multiple accounts, we will terminate your accounts without sending your payments if we discover that you have multiple accounts.

Where is mobilewealthglobal getting revenue to pay all the members of this website?

We generate revenue from the sponsored adverts we re placing on the website, we earn from our advertisement company per any activity you do on mobilewealthglobal.

Do I need to refer someone before getting paid?

Yes! You need to refer at least 5 people on mobilewealthglobal before receiving payment from us, the more people you refer, the more you earn and that will increase our chance of generating money to pay you without delaying.

When will I receive bank alert if I request for my earnings today?

Our payments usually starts on every 24th of the month till the final day of the month, all eligible members that requested for withdrawal will start receiving payment from 24th

My currency is not AR$, will this delay my payment?

No, we don’t have problem paying you no matter where you come from, we re ready to serve any country that wish to work with us without any delay.

Is mobilewealthglobal payment done in ascending or descending order of earnings?

We pay members from the highest points to the lowest.

Some posts on mobilewealthglobal is not English post, how will i read and comment?

Our language is Spanish but we still have workers that re publishing English post on the site, answer to your question:- it’s either you skip or you translate the post to English simply by using chrome browser, click on the three dots on top of your screen and select translate, check the screenshot below!

I’m reading and commenting on news but my earning is not increasing, why?

this issue usually happen when you re logged out on the website.

I applied for withdrawal but did not receive my payment, why?

Below re the reasons that may cause you not getting paid after submitting withdrawal request;

  • Submitting withdrawal request 2x.
  • Payment service settings not updated.
  • incorrect bank details.
  • Using one bank account to withdraw with two different mobilewealthglobal business account (it will cause termination of the two accounts without paying)

How can I copy out my referral link?

Login to your mobilewealthglobal business account, click on marketing and select affiliate link, you will see your referral link on the page, just copy it by long pressing the link and click on copy link address.


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